Nala and Trish, an Air Force veteran suffering from PTSD, are placed together in a touching ceremony.

Civic Duty Partners is working to raise the funds necessary to train a service dog for a veteran in need. This year, we have adopted Jocko, who is currently being trained and sponsored by us. We need your help in reaching our goal to cover all the costs associated with the breeding and extensive training necessary to prepare Jocko for a life of service with his “forever human.” Consider joining us on March 15th at our Spring Dance for the Warriors, being held at the Elks Lodge in Bridgewater. Tickets are $50 and the event includes dinner, dancing and a basket raffle.

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If you’d like to learn more about the organization that is training Jocko, we’ve linked another video below. We appreciate your support and hope you’ll consider joining us at the Elks Lodge! If you don’t live in the area or can’t attend, you can always make a donation online in support of service dogs in training. We appreciate your support in helping us bring a veteran and Jocko together.