Civic Duty Partners is a different kind of charity and cannot be measured by the usual standards as our mission is to collaborate with other charities and assist with the associated costs and administrative burden so that the other charities may focus more on their individual programs. Our Form 990 may look different because many of our expenses are shown as administrative, however, even in that category they still are important to accomplishing our purposes because without our support, many of these projects would not get started, or succeed. We believe Civic Duty Partner’s collaborative approach to fundraising, guidance and creative strategies result in efficiencies for and benefits to the charities we work with, so that more of the contributions received will be available to support the charities’ good works.

Time & Talent
Civic Duty Partners is always looking for volunteers for special events, or those that wish to lend their expertise to a local charity. Volunteer with friends, or coordinate a group!

Civic Duty Partners Inc. (CDP) is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation, formed to qualify under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

For more information, please contact:
Jay Alexander
Director of Development
Civic Duty Partners Inc.

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