Sisterhood of Empowerment

The Sisterhood  of Empowerment is our way of inspiring other women who join this group with positive words, advice and just learn from each other. You may post  about health, healthy foods and how to take care of our bodies, hair, personal relationships  advice, starting a book club, herbal ways that promote good health, childcare, jewelry, brunch, etc.   Women only group.
Embrace other women. You don’t know WHAT IT TAKES to BE HER.
Ladies it’s a beautiful thing to get off of social media and come together in person. I strongly encourage others to try and embrace one another face to face if you live in your Sista surrounding area. Human touch can heal the soul. A kind word of encouragement or a reassurance hug just may be needed. It don’t cost a thing to share a smile.💕💕💕 #PositiveVibesOnly.