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About Civic Duty Partners

Civic Duty Partners offers the experience and expertise to bring the community together for common good. We work with charities or multiple charities that have solid reputations, to help them raise funds for specific purposes that will benefit their communities. We share creative fundraising strategies and try to keep their expenses low so that as much of the funds raised as possible will be used for the specific purpose intended.

We have found that many worthy charities have two problems:

  • They want to raise more money more effectively.

  • They want to better control their expenditures.

While we do not define the mission nor control the charity, we do help them raise money for specific purposes and require in advance knowing:

  • The fundraising goal.

  • The purpose for which the funds are being raised.

These requirements will allow us to plan appropriately for a successful outcome.

Keys to Success

  • The participants, workers, volunteers and staff should enjoy the experience and look forward to the next event. Recognition must be given at all levels. Performing your civic duty must be a rewarding experience.

  • The sponsors and donors must be given the recognition for their generosity and support. They need to see the event as their opportunity to support the community, and to recognize that together with the community they are fulfilling their “civic duty”.

  • The money that is raised must be for specific purposes and actually used for such purposes.


Civic Duty Partners (CDP) is a 501 (c) (3) organization, and is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation. CDP was founded by Ed Danberry and Ron Delucia, seasoned veteran in the aviation and business community for over 45 years. Over the years Mr. Danberry and his partners Mr. Delucia have donated significant amounts of money and “in-kind” contributions to worthy charities. Ed has a history of actively participating in many charities on a variety of levels. Ed and Ron formed CDP to put his experience and skills to work to help raise funds to benefit other charities. This need for a “charities’ charity” was satisfied through the creation of Civic Duty Partners.