Project Description

Garden State Sikh Association

The Garden State Sihk Association is a non-profit religious organization that strives to learn, practice, and promote religious, cultural, and social values based on the concept of WAHEGURU (One God) and universal brotherhood. Sihks believe in Sarbhat dah phalla, which means “welfare of all” “may everyone be blessed” or “may good come to all”. This is a term which forms an important part of the Sikh prayer called the Ardas. This term reflects an important part of Sikh philosophy. The term establishes a new precedence set by the Sikh Gurus – It encourages and compels the Sikh to ask for the “well- being of everyone in the world”. In establishing this concept, the Gurus have set a new standard for the Sikhs – not only should the Sikhs pray for their own Sell-being but also needs to ask for the blessing for “all the peoples of the world.”