Project Description

Raritan Fire Department

Today the Raritan Fire Department consists of three pumpers with a combined pumping capacity of 3,750 gallons per minute, an aerial platform with a reach of 75 feet, a crash truck, a chief’s car, and plenty of firefighting equipment.  The 30 members of Relief Hose Company No. 2, trained and certified in the science of firefighting, are dispatched in an instant by pagers.  Some 225 alarms per year are handled, in contrast to the half dozen alarms per year around the turn of the century. The firefighters of Relief Hose Company No. 2 could be identified today by their predecessors because they are still characterized by a willingness to help their neighbors, a desire to promote the welfare of their community, the bravery required to confront the dangers of fire, and the pervasive sense of duty.  There is no doubt that the Company today, after 143 years of service, is still loyal to its motto: “Where duty calls, there you will find us.”