Project Spotlight

Civic Duty Partners is supporting a way for all children with different capabilities to play together and learn from each other one swing at a time…one park at a time.

We are raising funds and lending our support to create a colorful atmosphere in local communities with a big goal for special need children to go and enjoy playtime by taking their mind off of treatments or therapy and becoming just a kid again. Playtime is the best time for children to let go and have fun. However, there are very few parks that accommodate this request. Civic Duty Partners is raising funds and lending support to build parks with local volunteers, police and fire departments, and companies looking to donate their time for a great cause.  By doing this it becomes an innocent therapeutic way to relax the child and parent from all the obstacles that they may face and simply enjoy a park with safe equipment without worry about your little loved one getting hurt.

To help us support this project, please make a Donation or Contact Us to find out how to participate in this initiative.