The Sisterhood of Empowerment

The Sisterhood of Empowerment has two missions: the first is for female empowerment and the other to help our Homeless and Children. The Sisterhood is our way of inspiring other women who join this group with positive words, advice and just learn from each other. We as a group started by empowering others to giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. Our intent is to continue helping as many as we can, working with local ministries to come together to make a difference in our communities.
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Breakfast for the Homeless

The Sisterhood of Empowerment cooked breakfast for the homeless to be served at the Calvary Roseville-Baptist Church on Main Street in East Orange, New Jersey. We thank the Rev. Veronica Palmer for all her good works and for hosting this event to feed the hungry.

A Special Thanks to the Shared Thoughts Book Club and Tina Graham, Inc for helping us fulfill our dreams! The book club assists with getting lots of children’s books and clothing. Tina is a phenomenal talent scout for comedians and has incorporated many of our drives in her events.

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Empowering Women, Helping the Homeless and Children